Since 2003, PE Geometry has educated more than 4000 people within geometry and technical drawing, both within the industry and at schools at various levels. We also provide software manufacturers with courses in tools such as RD&T and IPS.

We are always developing our geometry courses and our course leaders always work in parallel in development projects within the same field in order to be able to offer fresh information and a high level of expertise. Below you will see a list of our standard course range. Content and course lengths can be changed, depending on different ISO, ASME or company-specific standards. Most courses are available in different variants, such as Volvo Car, AB Volvo, ISO and ASME.

In addition to the standard range of courses, we offer customised courses, such as geometry education linked to the strategies or change processes of a specific company. Please send us an enquiry to receive a proposed course plan based on your needs and requirements for the number of participants, course plan and content.


RD&T (Robust Design and Tolerancing) is a tolerance simulation tool. The tool consists of a number of modules that support all phases of the geometry process. Some of the functionality of RD&T originated in various research projects to which Chalmers contributed in partnership with Swedish industry. Read more about RD&T here.

We offer several levels of RD&T education. Contact us to find a course that meets your needs and requirements.


IPS (Industrial Path Solutions) is a powerful tool used for automatic path planning for assembly and disassembly of components, for instance, to ensure a collision-free path. It also offers other functions, such as non-rigid simulation of hoses and cabling for assembly and movements. Much of the research is taking place at Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre and often results in new, effective technology. Read more about IPS here.

We offer several levels of IPS education. Contact us to find a course that meets your needs and requirements, or those of your company.

Geometry and technical drawing

Our geometry and technical drawing courses are available for the ASME and ISO standards. For our larger customers, we can also train in company-specific standards. We often adapt our courses to each company’s specific activities or company strategy.

We offer several levels of education in geometry and technical drawing. Contact us to find a course that meets your needs and requirements, or those of your company.


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