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Geometry assurance is a collective term for all the activities used to ensure the quality of the geometry processes that are part of a company’s activities. The precise nature of geometric quality differs between different industries and businesses. For us at PE Geometry, geometry assurance involves all the processes aimed at creating geometrically robust and well-defined products that are as close to perfection in their geometric design, both functionally and aesthetically, as possible. We do this using tools such as 3D variation analyses in which thousands of virtual compositions can be simulated and variations in critical areas of the end product can be predicted.


A product is often a combination of several components in which each part has a specific geometric variation, due to tool wear, material handling or differences between different materials batches. Although the variation is small, it can result in expensive assembly problems, late changes or lack of functionality and aesthetics. And even if there are tolerances in the drawings, it is difficult, sometimes even impossible, to say if the tolerance values are sufficient, unnecessarily small or far too big. By adding the process of geometry assurance to development and manufacturing projects, you are assured of the right tolerances, and an end product that is both aesthetically and functionally quality-assured.

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Geometry assurance

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